Villa Ioulia is located in the medieval village of Pyrgos on the island of Santorini.

The villa features a panoramic view over the southern half of the island. It is easily accessible from the main port of Athinios or the marina of Vlychada as well as the airport of the island (JTR).

You can easily reach the village of Pyrgos which is located in the heart of Santorini.

The Villa is located in close proximity to the main square of Pyrgos and has easy and free access to parking.

Please keep in mind that with all your reservations at Villa Ioulia, complimentary transfers to and from the airport or port are included in your stay.

This will make your arrival and departure a smooth experience!


It was the capital of the island after the destruction of Skaros and up until the capital was moved to Fira in the early part of the 19th century. You have the unique opportunity to stroll through an intriguing maze of narrow paths and see the ruins of the Venetian castle that crown the village. Within the fortifications (Kastelli) you will find the churches of Theotokaki dating back to the 10th Century AD and the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary as well as an ecclesiastical museum.

The privileged location of the village overlooks the entire island amphitheatrically, offering spectacular views of the sunset and the Cycladic archipelago.

The village of Pyrgos is very much alive throughout the year. You will find some esteemed restaurants in the village, including TavernaPyrgos which is a local institution as well as YiorgosHatzigiannakis’ gem restaurant Selene. An array of local restaurants are available for you to enjoy including Kallisti, Cava Alta, Mythos and Rosemary. In Pyrgos you will find many quaint cafes such as Brousko, Johnnie’s, Kantouni, Mylos cafe and the world famous Franco’s at the top of the medieval castle. While passing through the whitewashed walls and brightly colored doors, you can pop into an array of souvenir shops or a local folklore museum.

The village of Pyrgos is known for its wine producing farmers which explains the presence of fine wineries such as Santo Wines, Venetsanos and Hatzidakis nearby. At Santo Wines and Venetsanos you can take a wine tour and enjoy local wine while overlooking the largest Caldera in the world. Nearby attractions include the Monastery of Prophitis Elias on the highest peak of the island with an important collection of religious artefacts and a spectacular view of Santorini and the Aegean Sea.

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The modern island of Santorini (Thera) is located in the Cycladic archipelago in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. Santorini has been formed by nearly two million years of volcanic activity that have created the unique layers of natural beauty. The island has a rich archaeological and geological history that is evident throughout the landscape as well as in the different intriguing archaeological sites and museums.

Whether you prefer a relaxing trip to the Cyclades or a more adventurous trip in the Aegean, you will not be disappointed while in Santorini. You can do a lot of shopping while strolling through the different villages enjoying the unique characteristics that define each one. There is always a place to rest, enjoy the view and sip a refreshing frappe or ouzo.

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